The biggest technical leap in the history of the series

Game developer Valve officially announced Counter-Strike 2. The new game will be released in the summer of 2023 and will be distributed as a free Counter-Strike: Global Offensive improvement.

The game is developed on the Source 2 engine. Valve noted that they remade old maps from scratch using the tools of the new engine. At the same time, they have kept their basic structure and features.

Players will enjoy improved graphics and an optimized server side, which together should improve gameplay.

For example, Counter-Strike 2 has improved smoke effects. It is noted that the smoke grenades are now using dynamic volumetric particles. They will interact with the environment and react to light, shots, and explosions. For example, bullets and grenades can disperse smoke, and smoke will penetrate open windows and doors. The smoke particles work with a single lighting system to create more natural effects.

The developer has called the new version of the shooter “the biggest technical leap in the history of the series.” The last version of the game at the moment – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – was released in 2012.

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