The most popular maps in CS:GO

In CS:GO there are maps that never go out of trend, no matter what. Some came with version 1.6 and retain their relevance to this day. Others have been added recently and managed to win the hearts of gamers. Whereas some are forgotten by the players, perhaps forever. We will tell you about the three most popular ones.


This map is very popular with most gamers. The fact is that the positions on the map Mirage are open, and it also provides bright textures, making it quite easy to navigate by amateurs and novice players. Playing the Mirage map in CS:GO is fairly easy. This is evidenced by the statistics of the rounds played in recent months.


Inferno is another popular map. Most of the map is a closed area, allowing teams to use tactics involving fortified positions and fire support. Bomb sites are located in different corners of the map, allowing for highly dynamic battles.

Dust 2

One of the oldest maps in CS:GO, but it is still one of the most popular ones. This map has many obstacles, hiding places, and zones, allowing players to use different tactics and strategies to achieve victory.

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